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Do You Need Improved Management Accounting?

Management accounting systems are difficult to cost justify i.e., what is the value of good information? Moreover, considering a new approach like RCA stems from the recognition of deficiencies in current decision support information. Yet, current information must justify the adoption of the new approach. The RCA Institute offers a framework that reduces an organization’s risk in making these decisions. It begins with an RCA adoption questionnaire/diagnostic and exposure training; progresses to individual skill acquisition and certification; and completes the cycle with implementation assurance reviews, organizational certifications, and periodic implementation/user reviews based on RCA Institute Standards of Practice.

Adopter Options

RCA Institute membership is a simple and low risk first step. It provides access to the Institute library, discounts for Institute offerings, and ongoing information, learning and peer experience about RCA as a member of the developing RCA community.

Additionally, Adopters can select from a variety of workshops, case studies and exploratory pilot implementations customized to their organizations needs and abilities to evaluate RCA and understand the decision support information they would get from adopting the approach. Potential Adopters can therefore leverage the RCA Institute’s knowledge base and service offerings, and review existing case studies to explore implementation options to find the most appropriate approach to adopting RCA for their organizations. 

Exploring RCA On Your Own

An RCA Institute member company has developed an open source software tool capable of creating an RCA model for business planning.   The tool is called ROSA, RCA Open Source Application.   This website link takes you to the Alta Via Consulting website.   Downloading ROSA will require that you register with Alta Via.  The ROSA package contains a User Manual, the ROSA Excel Template, a database with mock data, a clean database to build your own model, and the PALO open source business intelligence software.  It is strongly recommend that all users read the User Manual carefully even if familiar with RCA.   The ROSA User Manual covers software installation, walks you through examples with the mock data, and provides instructions on building your own RCA Model.    A Linked In User Group, ROSA - RCA Open-Source Application Users Group, has been created to support ROSA Users who have questions and to announce software enhancements.   Search for it under Groups on the Linked In website.  A Wikipedia article on the RCA Open Source Application provides a quick overview of the software tool.